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Valhalla Gobo

Well, well, look who's thinking outside the box and wanting to take their event to the next level?

Here you'll find a list of add-ons or extras for your event, Wedding or Private.

Of course though, if there's something you want that's not on the list, I will get it for you!


Master of Ceremonies - Add-On

Select this option if you not only want me to DJ at your Wedding, but also be your MC!

See HERE for info.


Logo Projector

Project it on the floor, project it on the ceiling, project it on whatever you like! I currently have a MR&MRS, MR&MR and a MRS&MRS style available.

Want a custom one? I can do that too!

from $50.00

Smoke Machine

It could be a standard smoke machine, or even a haze machine that you want to help create an atmosphere for your event. I've got them both!

Please note: Subject to venue approval.

Message for Information
Wedding Dance Floor

LED Glow Sticks

Give your guests something to play with! I can supply LED Glow sticks* as an epic dance floor inclusion, or an alternative to the sparkler exit!

*Price is dependent on the number of guests.

Message for Information
Image by Aron Visuals

Additional Hours

Additional hours can be purchased at a rate of $100 per hour (or part there-of). This time can be added to the beginning or end of your original package hours.


Up-Lighting Package (4 or 8)

Who dislikes house lights? We do!

Sometimes your venue needs that little more elegant lighting to give off a sense of style or highlight the wall behind your bridal table. These will do the trick!

$200 for 4, $350 for 8
Peterson House DJ

More Lighting!

Like any great DJ, I also offer additional lighting for your Wedding or Event. Perhaps some moving heads, wash bar lights or even lasers are something you are wanting? Let's LIGHT UP the dance floor!

Message for Information

Are you wanting any of these above included in your package?

Enquire HERE or select them with any enquiry!

Add-Ons & Extras

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