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The Father/ Daughter Dance - Is it Necessary?

Most Weddings that I have experienced have included a Father/Daughter dance, but is it really necessary? Short answer... it isn't. Your Wedding and your timeline is completely up to you, including any special dances with whomever you decide.

Where does the dance originate from?

The story goes that it actually comes from a time when arranged marriages were more common. Traditionally, it is known as a last dance with the man who helped guide her through life before she is 'handed off' to her new husband.

As the tradition continues, it is still common for this to be a regular dance at a Wedding; with most of them occurring before or after the Bridal waltz between the newlywed couple.

What are the alternatives?

Increasing in popularity is also the Mother/Son dance, or even the Bride dancing with the Father of the Groom as an alternative. I've even witnessed a Mother/Daughter dance in recent times.

So the question remains; is this dance or any of the dances above necessary for your Wedding? That choice will always be up to you! You should not be made to do any dance that you don't want to do, especially on YOUR Wedding Day.

What song should I choose?

You can talk to your father about the song choice, if you like, but the decision will always be up to you. Some choose a heartfelt song that has the guests in tears, some choose one where they boogie together or even choreograph a dance, or transition a song to do both! (I'm down for that!).

Some songs that my couples have chosen over the years are: Heartland - "I Loved Her First" Abby Anderson - "Daddy" Rascall Flatts - "My Wish"

What song did you decide to go with? Or do you have a different dance in mind?

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